Hi, Thomas here and I thought I should explain why we have a panel over in the right hand column with a list of links to the people and organisations we’re calling Go Slow England‘s friends.

First off Nigel Slater is listed because he has written a glowing foreword for Go Slow England. This is a wonderful endorsement from one of the UK’s most highly regarded food writers who is as excited about the Slow Philosophy to life as we are. If you’re like me and not from the UK originally then you may not yet be acquainted with Nigel’s work so check out his website for free recipes, information about his books and more. I’m looking forward to trying the Pumpkin with Ginger, Coconut Milk and Lime recipe and am thrilled (and surprised!) that I actually own all the ingredients required. From a male perspective I suppose that’s one of the many great things about being married – items that you would never think of buying yourself (like turmeric, cumin and coriander) suddenly appear in the kitchen.

The other three links are all to very reputable and ethical companies who are supporting Go Slow England either through sponsorship or promotional activities. Not only do we greatly appreciate their support but we are very flattered that they have chosen to endorse the book as they are all very choosy about who they work with (as are we!) I suspect that many of you will have already heard about Riverford but if not then I urge you to sign up for one of their weekly veg boxes. I know that having high quality, seasonal, locally produced organic fruit and veg delivered direct to my door has done great things for my time, wallet and well being. They’ve also introduced me to some weird and wonderful vegetables. I had to call them to find out what the hell the sprouting thing in my box was – turned out to be kohlrabi. They even told me how to cook it.  

And since we’re talking about organic food then you really must try Rude Health‘s range of organic cereals and muesli. You’d also be supporting a great small business that is taking on the major brands magnificently. Their porridge has been a mid-morning staple in the Sawday’s offices throughout the winter.  

Finally, we have Triodos, one of Europe’s leading ethical banks (not an oxymoron!) Ethical because they only lend to organisations which create real social, environmental and cultural value – charities, social businesses, community projects and environmental initiatives. Their range of charity savings accounts even means you can choose which cause you want your savings to support.  

So there you have it – Nigel SlaterRiverford Organic VegetablesRude Health Organic Foods and Triodos Bank – all supporters of Go Slow England Thank you!