Hi all

recent comment from my original post has got me thinking more about what it really means to ‘go slow’. Tilly talks about taking time to just sit and watch some birds playing for 30 minutes without feeling guilt and then describes doing “nothing” as “enjoying being”. Another comment mentions all the technology now in the world that our grandparents didn’t have around.   

I started looking at my own lifestyle and realised that I’ve reached an absurd point where I can’t function without some kind of distraction. I never walk anywhere without plugging into an iPod first and while at home I’m either watching a DVD or I’m mucking around on the internet. Why do I do this? Am I afraid of wasting a moment that I could otherwise use to be entertained, educated or informed? I don’t regret the number of films I watch as cinema is a massive passion of mine but I do regret the time I spend looking at stupid and useless things on the internet. I also regret that sitting down at a table to eat dinner with my wife, rather than in front of the television, has become a rare event.   

My other realisation is that the only time I really sort out my thoughts, make decisions, think through problems and day-dream is while riding my bike to and from work. It’s a time I have to myself that is free from all external distractions (apart from the traffic of course!)  

Does any of this strike a chord? Does anybody have any more ideas on things we can do to get back to a more relaxed way of life? Feel free to leave comments!  

Cheers, Thomas