Hi everybody  

I don’t know if you saw this story last week about a village in Gloucestershire raising money to buy a donkey but have a look at it here.

If you don’t want to read the full story then it concerns the residents of Chalford who want a donkey to help carry their shopping home up the very steep slopes. Some of the locals even want to eventually replace all cars in the village with donkeys.

The story has received a mixed response. Many folks in the Sawday’s office wanted to do a collection to help the Chalford residents out. I also forwarded the story to my usual list of suspects that routinely send quirky emails all day rather than working and got this response back from one of them:

I can think of no more fitting cause than for us to donate money to nice middle class people in the Cotswolds who have to carry their Waitrose shopping 100 metres from their cars. When I think of the depths of despair and tragedy caused by lifelong exposure to war, famine, disease, infant mortality, AIDS, lack of education and so forth, the world over, and then I think of that ghastly mental image: merchant bankers struggling up the pathways of their second homes of a weekend, their slightly pudgy palms marked momentarily by the weight of the pre-cooked trays of beef bourgignon and probably-too-expensive-but-probably-worth-it “Farm Fresh” radicchio! God, how can we carry on? It may also be mere rumour, but apparently some of these people have to drive Mercedes S classes that are more than 5 years old! I have to stop now, I am overcome. I am selling my home, my wife and all my children to help relieve these poor people of their suffering. 

Comments anyone? Do you like the donkey idea and wish to publicly chastise my cynical friend (actually he’s more of an acquaintance)? Or did his rant put an evil little smile on your face?