Hi everybody and I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I went for a long walk yesterday and was strangely moved by the discovery that a lot of people still spend their Sundays flying kites. Despite the cold, a park I walked through was full of families and individuals navigating the winds with these colourful devices that serve no real purpose other than bringing delight to the spectators and kite flyers. The park was next to Avon Gorge and one gentlemen was flying his kite far in the distance out over the gorge. He said that he had over a mile of line but never uses it as once the kite goes out that far he couldn’t see it. There’s something truly wonderful about the fact that so many people still find time to fly kites.

In other news, I’ve got my hands on the contents page of Go Slow England and a map showing where all our ‘slow’ Special Place to Stay are located. Click here to have a look.

I’m going to post sample pages of another place tomorrow so if anybody has any preferences let me know today. Click here to make a request (or to talk about kites!)

Click here to have a look at the samples I’ve uploaded previously.

Cheers, Thomas