No, I’m not talking about the people at Sawday’s who habitually fail to do their dishes after lunch (you know who you are) but the actual pigs that occupy a field near our eco-offices just outside of Bristol. The Sawday’s pigs, as I call them, are jointly owed and looked after by a handful of Sawday’s staff and are visited almost everyday by the rest of us, plus family, friends and anybody else visiting the office who are not allowed to leave until they see the pigs.

Nicola, the editor of our Special Places to Stay British Bed & Breakfast guides, has written a short article about the joys of pig ownership for Go Slow England. Click on the link below to get a copy of that article and stay tuned for Nicola’s Pig Diary, which I’ll be posting extracts from in this blog soon.

Can you rear a pig without giving up your day job? 

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