Hi everybody

I’m rather pleased to announce that I can give 3 April as the official release date for Go Slow England. However in early March I’ll email all the people who pre-registed a special discount code that will allow you to buy Go Slow England from our online bookshop at a discount of 45% (plus p&p). If you haven’t pre-registered yet then you still can here.

In other news (or shameless cross promotion if you prefer) Alastair Sawday Publishing have just released one new title and two new editions from our Special Places to Stay series. If you haven’t discovered our Special Places to Stay series of accommodation guides before then any one of these books will be a terrific place to start. The books probably haven’t hit the bookshops yet but you can buy them online from us now with a 35% discount (plus p&p) by clicking on the links below:

Devon & Cornwall

Italy, edition 5

French Hotels & Châteaux, edition 5

OK, sorry for going all salesman on you there but I figured you’d like to hear about these books as they advocate the slow and eco-travel attitude of Go Slow England (sorry, I’m doing it again.)

Cheers, Thomas

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