Hi everybody. I’ve got good news and bad news (well sort of bad news). The good news is that this time next week we will be able to start selling copies of Go Slow England from the Alastair Sawday Publishing online bookshop. That’s a full month before its official publication date! Everybody who has pre-registered will be sent their 45% discount codes very soon.

The mildly bad news is that the poll on the best place in England to ‘go slow’ will also end in a week. The leader in the poll is still Ludlow, which as I’ve mentioned before, is not surprising. Cambridge and York are also serious contenders. Many of you have also suggested your own towns and regions (and made me realise how many places I foolishly left off the main list) and Devon & Cornwall and The Lake District are also attracting a very high number of votes. So if your haven’t voted (or want to change your vote) get on to it now!

By the way, this blog will continue after the book is released and I’ll still be adding sample pages, not to mention many further instalments from Nicola’s Hog Blog.

Cheers, Thomas

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