Go Slow England is now available and it looks fantastic!

We’ve put it into the Alastair Sawday Publishing online bookshop so you can now buy your own copy HERE.

When you buy Go Slow England directly from us you automatically get a 35% discount off the RRP (plus p&p). Everybody who pre-registered for a copy will soon be emailed a special offer code that will give them an addition 10% discount. Those special offer codes will show up in your inbox by the end of today.

Thank you to everybody who took part in our poll on the best place in England to ‘go slow’. The poll has now closed and I’ll put the results up online over the next few days.

And in case you are wondering if this is it for this blog now that the book is available – have no fear. I’ll still be regularly posting sample pages, news, information about the author tour and press response plus instalments from The Hog Blog.

Cheers, Thomas

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