What a week! We started selling Go Slow England and have already had a tremendous response that has kept us all very busy. But now it’s Friday so I’ll going to take it easy and will leave you with the next instalment of The Hog Blog.

Have a great weekend!


The Hog Blog – October 2007

The Hog Blog - October 2007 

Clocks back, routine changed. No more getting here too early as pitch black till 7.30. And now they have supper at four. Lots more straw in the ark to keep them warm. All the blackberries are finished – too many to pick – so they wither on their stalks like neglected old ladies. It’s sad. I feel generous with the pigs and buy them a pineapple. They adored it, the whole thing including the prickly bits, and got covered in pineapple juice, so they’re sticky to stroke for a whole day.

We have a shed! It is wonky and has bits of corrugated iron holding up the more ramshackle bits, but it is dry inside and I can keep all the food and straw and tools in there. I have romantic images of summer days on a deckchair. I will sit outside the shed on a deckchair, sipping tea from a flask and eating sandwiches (not ham) while the pigs gambol around. What actually happens is that we have terrible gales and the roof blows off the shed and two walls collapse, the rain pours down over four expensive bags of feed and two bails of straw, soaking everything. Not good.

I am depressed about the shed, thinking it will never be fixed. But I go up to feed the pigs on the Sunday after the storm and there is the shed, with a roof! It looks a bit like the shed that the Grandfather flew around in in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Perhaps that’s why I love it. God Bless Julia’s husband, Mike. I replace feed and straw and hope we are home and dry.


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