For about a month now we have been running an online poll for the best place in England to ‘go slow’. Although the places listed for you to vote on were all towns and cities, many of you instead suggested counties and regions that you felt better encompassed the Slow lifestyle. So here are the best cities, towns, counties and regions in England to go slow as voted by you:

1. Ludlow
2. (tie) Cambridge
2. (tie) York
3. (tie) The Lake District
3. (tie) Oxford
4. Bath
5. (tie) Cornwall
5. (tie) Devon

We received votes for places all over England but Ludlow was the clear winner, which is not a huge surprise given that it was the first UK town to be admitted to the Cittaslow movement, the international network of towns committed to the slow movement. The other places on the list were all very close in the number of votes received and it was nice to see both Cornwall and Devon do so well since our very first regional guide is the recently released Special Places to Stay: Devon & Cornwall.

Just a quick note – I won’t be able to update this blog for the next couple of days but I’ll get some new sample pages online for you on Thursday.

Cheers, Thomas

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