Hello and sorry about the two day absence. I’ve been away with the rest of the Sawday’s gang on our annual overnight gathering out of the office. We had a wonderful time doing lots of fun get-to-know-you type activities and even one or two things that resembled productive work. More about that later. 

We got back yesterday in time for Alastair to make his first promotional appearance at Stanfords in Bristol. The event had already sold out earlier in the week and was a big success. If you want to see Alastair at his second Bristol appearance or catch him in either London or Bath then check the author tour dates page for more information. 

For now I will leave you with another set of sample pages from Go Slow England. I haven’t uploaded anything from the South East before so I hope you enjoy reading these pages about The Griffin Inn in Sussex.

Cheers, Thomas

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The Griffin Inn