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The Hog Blog – November 2007, part 1

The Hog Blog - November 2007, part 1 

Pete has cut all the hedges and I can see for miles! Pete is a lovely chap, probably in his sixties and lives down the road but on this side of the railway – as he was at great pains to point out. He does all the hedges round here. I might ask if he can do fencing as well – we need more pigs and more fences. But not at the price of the last lot. £1,800 for the pen and the surrounding fence, the hard standing and erection of the ark – which was nearly £400.

Mabel will need a companion soon. I can’t believe Porker is nearly half way through her life. Saw lots of dunnets today, this autumn has been the best I can remember, and the putting to bed time of 4pm is stunning just now: pink skies, amazing cloud formations and that winter twilight which is so special.

They are eating so much now I am constantly at the feed place, but now that the shed is up I can buy in bulk assuming I can borrow a bigger car.


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