Hi everybody and I hope you had a wonderful and slow Easter.

I discovered the historical delights of Glastonbury and Salisbury for the first time, with a look in at Stonehenge – all by train and bus. I managed to constantly get myself caught in sudden snow storms where ice particles blew horizontally at face height rather than fall from the sky. I must admit though, it was very amusing coming down from the Glastonbury Tor on Friday to witness all the dogs and small children being literally blown off the path. It was also very funny at Stonehenge to witness all the people stand with their backs to the rocks who would briefly spin around to catch a look at the magnificent rocks before spinning around again to protect their faces from the shards of ice. I just fired my camera over my shoulder so I could look at the photos later. My wife had the better idea of us standing face-to-face so we could pivot on the spot and take turns peering over each others shoulder. It was actually all wonderful and what better way to appreciate such sites than to do so while caught in a furious tempest?

Before I sign off I’d like to give a special mention to the terrific B&B I stayed at while enjoying the delights of Salisbury. It is a Sawday’s place (of course!) named Bolhays, run by a pair of sisters who simply know their stuff when it comes to creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Bar and Sue!

Cheers, Thomas

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