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One of the editors of Go Slow England has sent me some information about a very interesting Slow related event over in the USA. Here is what she has sent me:

Slow Food Nation

First we had Eric Schlosser in his hard-hitting book Fast Food Nation telling us about the insidious nature of the fast food culture in America. Apparently any day one in four Americans opts for a meal from a fast-food restaurant, “without giving its speed or its cheapness a second thought”. Depressing indeed.

Now though American foodies are determinedly ganging up to launch an event of global significance – Slow Food Nation – in San Francisco from 29 August – 1 September 2008.

The event’s website says: “The world’s most pressing questions regarding health, culture, the environment, education, social justice and the global economy are all deeply connected to the food we eat and how it is produced. Slow Food Nation is an event at the center of a movement with national impact and global implications.” Carlo Petrini, Alice Waters and Eric Schlosser will speak.

Have a look at the Slow Food Nation website at slowfoodnation.org for more information and if are lucky enough to be over that side of the world for 29 August – 1 September then why not go along?

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