Hello everybody and I’m pleased to announce that the official publication date for Go Slow England is fast approaching (despite us managing to make it available a month ahead of schedule) and we’re anticipating a big media response.

The Guardian and The Observer

To kick things off The Guardian this Saturday and The Observer this Sunday will contain G2 sized supplements that both contain 10 of the special places featured in Go Slow England. So if you haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet grab these supplements over the weekend to get an idea of what you are missing out on!

Praise from Carl Honoré

Many of you interested in all things Slow will have heard about Carl Honoré as he is the author of In Praise of Slow, one of the first books to celebrate the Slow Movement. After Carl received a copy of Go Slow England, he wrote this back to us:

The book has just landed on my desk. Wow, it’s absolutely beautiful. I find myself gasping or nodding (or both) at whatever page I open to. Congratulations. This really is a triumph.

Considering Carl’s influence and stature in the Slow Movement, not to mention his passion for anything that promotes a better way of life, this is incredible praise that has left all of us at Sawday’s feeling very flattered!

Incidentally Carl’s book is well worth getting a hold of. It is available on Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Amazon Canada but Carl does request that you try to pick up a copy from a local independent bookshop if you can. Carl is also launching a new website soon, which will act as a hub for all the existing Slow related websites already out there. I’ll provide full details and links in this blog once it is all up and running.

Cheers, Thomas

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