It’s been rather info heavy on the blog this week so I figured that a new Hog Blog instalment was well overdue. Don’t forget to pick up The Guardian on Saturday and The Observer on Sunday for the Go Slow England supplements (see yesterday’s post) and have a great weekend!

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The Hog Blog – December 2007

The Hog Blog - December 

Weighed them with Jackie’s son Alex, who didn’t have any wellies so wore carrier bags over his shoes and tucked into his socks. Unfortunately the pigs thought there might be something interesting to eat inside these strange bags and so tried to eat his feet. Very funny.

So… how to measure a pig. You take a piece of string (two pieces of string) and measure once around the tummy, just behind the front legs and then from the middle of the ears to the end of the bottom. Then you have to get the calculator out and do a weird multiplication and division thing and you get, apparently, the approximate weight.

Mabel weighed in at 110.7 lbs, and Porker 115.9 lbs. The right live weight to be ready for the chop is about 140 lbs. No wonder she didn’t like me measuring her!

They are standing in so much muddy water now that the ark really may end as one.

The whole of December is cold until Christmas. Iced up water that needs to be cracked open with a welly, biting northerly wind, then the water pipe freezes completely. They have enough to keep going for a few days like that but if it doesn’t thaw soon I don’t know what to do. Now worrying pipes might burst. No more long, lazy walks through the field, more like a quick whip round then straight back into the pen. No greenery now there for them though and they need to have some grass, so they do like their walks. So cold I can’t stand still with them and have to keep jumping about. Pete the hedge man actually phones me to say that the open door to the ark is facing east and that’s where the wind is coming from. He says I must open the back door and leave the front door in – they will be cosier. He is right!


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