Hi everybody and I hope you all had a great weekend (well a great Sunday anyway since Saturday was a complete wash out).

I wrote about Carl Honoré and his kind words about Go Slow England in a post last week. Since then Carl has launched a beta version of his new website Slow Planet and it already looks fantastic. One of the main purposes behind this new website is to create a hub for all things Slow that currently exist on the internet already. This is a great idea as it brings together all the separate bits of information that are currently a bit of a chore to find unless you know specifically where to look. As well as links, Slow Planet is collating mentions of Slow in the media plus articles on Slow Travel, Slow Sport, Slow Work and Slow Design. Carl’s also got his own blog
that no doubt will be informative and entertaining to read. Anyway, why not head over and have a look for yourself – www.slowplanet.com

Cheers, Thomas

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