Hi everybody and I hope you were all able to grab the Go Slow England supplement in The Guardian and/or The Observer over the weekend. We’ve been inundated with orders for the book so it’s wonderful to know that so many people are keen to discover the delights of Going Slow.

We’re also naturally thrilled to have received this amount of press coverage and credit must go to Kat, who looks after all of our PR. She does seem to sleep 20 hours a day but still does a extraordinary job getting the word out about our books. We though you would enjoy this photo of her reviewing her work.


(OK, that was a lame gag but I completely forgot today was April Fool’s and this was the best I could come up at the last minute. Our PR person is actually a human named Sarah, she is extraordinary and she only sleeps about 18 hours a day.)

Cheers, Thomas

PS Thanks to Viv Cripps for sending in the brilliant photo!

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