I’m posting later in the day than usual as all of us in the Sawday’s office were attending a drumming workshop this morning – yes, you read that right.

Anyway, in case you missed it our April newsletter wend out this morning and it can be read on line by clicking here.

Meanwhile, one our readers, Barbara from Surrey, has sent in the below photo that was taken from her window during yesterday’s snow downfall. Barbara writes:

We live by the River Mole and River Ember that both join the River Thames just yards away. Each year a pair of swans bring their new cygnets to visit us most days and they don’t seem at all afraid of the fast flowing water of the weir.

It sounds rather delightful doesn’t it? Barbara also tells me that the area has been invaded by green parakeets that some consider interesting and beautiful while others feel they are a nuisance. It sounds like a debate is brewing!

Cheers, Thomas

Surrey in the snow

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