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While this blog is cooling off for a while I thought I’d let you know about the other two blogs that we are currently concentrating our energies on. This blog will possibly return in one form or another, especially in light of the fact that we’ll be releasing Go Slow Italy in April 2009. But there will be much more about that later! You’re welcome to lobby for more content on this blog by leaving comments for this post but otherwise why don’t you visit:

The Book of Rubbish Ideas blog

This blog is a companion to the upcoming The Book of Rubbish Ideas, which you can currently pre-register for to receive a 50% discount special offer code and advance notice of when the book is available. Every householder should have a copy of this guide to reducing household waste and stopping wasteful behaviour. Containing step by step projects, the book takes a top down guided tour through the average family home.

On the blog you’ll also find further reading, more great tips and a few short films. The Book of Rubbish Ideas is written by Tracey Smith, the founder of National Downshifting week, and published by Alastair Sawday Publishing as part of their ongoing Fragile Earth series.

Visit The Book of Rubbish Ideas blog


What About China? blog

Available now, What About China? answers all those awkward questions about climate change that you’re afraid to ask and lays to rest the speculations and misconceptions rife amongst even the most well meaning individuals. The blog continues the debates online and you can even ask your own question.

The book is laid out in a series of questions with jargon-free answers provided by a panel of experts from The Soil Association, WasteWatch, Ecover, The Centre for Alternative Technology, James Bruges (author of the Little and Big Earth Book) and Alastair Sawday.

Visit the What About China? blog

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Hi everybody. I can’t believe I have waited over a week to announce to you all that Sawday’s won an Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) award at a ceremony held at the Grand Hotel in Brighton on Saturday 8 March. We scooped the Environmental Award for our continuing contribution to greener publishing!

At the risk of shamelessly blowing our own trumpet, here’s what the IPG say about us winning the award:

With green issues currently at the forefront of publishers’ minds, Alastair Sawday Publishing was singled out in this category as a model for all independents to follow. Its efforts to reduce waste in its office and supply chain have reduced the company’s environmental impact, and it works closely with staff to identify more areas of improvement. “Here is a publisher who lives and breathes green,” said the panel of judges. “Alastair Sawday has all the right principles and is clearly committed to improving its practice further.”

And here’s Alastair’s response:

Winning this award gives us a terrific boost! I admire the IPG for having the foresight to create it, thus bringing the urgent need for environmental awareness to so many small publishing companies. And our staff have been hugely encouraged by the award to make further efforts. In fact they will be even more ready, now, to challenge me when I don’t come up to scratch. The die is now fully cast.

For more information about the other awards and nominations visit the The Independent Publishing Awards 2008 page on the IPG website.

In other news, Alastair will be doing Go Slow England presentations and book signings in Bristol and Bath next week. Check out the author tour dates pages for details. Alastair has also written a new post on his personal blog so head over there to have a look at what he has to say about the future of UK tourism.

Cheers, Thomas

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